• Say you’re on vacation and you see that the waves are looking great or you decide you want to try snowboarding on your snow trip. Rental Pal has you covered on all your sporting equipment needs.
  • First, Download the app in the itunes store.
  • Then browse the gear you are looking for. You can search by city, dates available, price and gear type.
  • After you have found the gear you want to rent. You have the ability to message to the owner( Recommended) to set up a pick up date before booking and paying.
  • Once you have messaged the owner and you have agreed on a pick up time and place. You may pay by credit card or paypal for your purchase.
  • Enjoy your rental and return on at the noted time.
  • Please note: If you are renting from one of our vendors, Signatures maybe required to release the gear.


  • Go to the settings and click on the switch to enthusiast tab. This will allow you to host your own equipment on Rental Pal.
  • Take a picture of the gear you want to post in the market place.
  • Set the dates unavailable, The price of the rental per day and description(make sure to include sizes!)
  • Once a renter contacts you, Arrange a time and date with them to pick up the gear!
  • Make sure to arrange a time for drop off as well.


  • Please report any suspicious activities to your local police department.
  • Make sure you do the drop off in a safe location.