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BringingRental Pal on board SDI Racing’s promotions team was one of the smartest decision we made since we started in 2015. Michael and his tight knit crew work around the clock ensuring that all of our needs our met week in and week out. Quality and Consistency are key when it comes to social media. Our small promotions team is already stretched thin with day to day operations so we aren’t able to keep up with consistent content on a regular basis. Thankfully for Rental Pal we are able to hand off an extremely time consuming task so we can keep our momentum going as a unit and not get hung up on one particular task. With little explanation and hand holding [company] have been able to take hold of an unfamiliar field ( Pro Flat Track Motorcycle Racing ) and produce content and engage audiences with ease. I highly recommend Rental Pal for any future consultations within the realm of digital marking and social media!